Gudumale Park -5 km

Among the main tourist attractions in Hawassa area, Mt. Alamura which is a small mountain situated at the south-western end of the town, enables tourists to enjoy a partial view of the town and the lake stretched below it.

The other tourist attraction is the south-western lake shore locally known as ‘Amora Gedel’. This place is a perfect spot for birds watch. Gudumale is also a special place in the lake area where the Sidama cultural and spiritual holiday “Fiche” is annually celebrated.

Lake Hawassa is also the most beautiful lake which attracts thousands of tourists each month. The lake is rich in different kinds of fish species like Barbus, Telapia and cart fish for tourists who care to indulge in leisure fishing and consumer fishing for the dwellers. The breezing of cool air in the morning and evening hours rolls the lake with gentle tides and washes millions of plankton to the shore to be devoured by fishes and fish birds.

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