Feyima Wellness Center


Named after a sidama word which means health

for which RORI is committed to help improve the health condition of our Customers.Come and spoil yourself and enjoy the our all in one and unique atmosphere with a very special relaxation experience in FEYIMA wellness center which is waiting for you.


You will feel new and stay young

Our steam is Located at the extension building to be served by most welcoming and friendly Team Members. For ease and convenience of our Guests all our Wellness facilities are located in one area. If you really need to forget the burdens of daily life within only one hour and refresh your mind, it is the right place for you to join our wellness Center.


When the body relaxes the brain functions’ better

For your relaxation, rest and revitalization just be on the right spot by attending our sauna bath, our guests will experience the physical and mental health, and become very comfortable.You can pumper, relax and beatify yourself.


Swimming pool

Our uniquely designed swimming pool is 14m long, 7m wide and 1.8m deep. The water temperature is about 30which is spacious attractive, easy to exercise and fell relaxed. The bubbling water in the open SPA is a unique feature of our Wellness Center that relaxes your muscles; releases tension’s and perks you up.


Massages can be enjoyed 16 hours a day and seven days a week!

Our individual massage helps you to regain your balance, relaxation and well-being, and it is important natural healing method. All Massage rooms have a Charming interior décor to let you feel comfortable and relaxed.


Our guests’ well-being is our utmost priority!

Our gym contains the most modern equipment to help you achieve physical fitness and strength with Team members who provides high level of personalized service. The Gym is Located on the ground floor with spectacular view to the swimming pool.